Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Green Squares

Hey, I think I like this regular blogging lark. It's amazing, you blog and you actually get comments!!! Thanks to those who have commented. Okay, so what if two of you are family or like family - it is still a comment. I did think about putting one of those counters on my site, but decided against it as I think I might be upset if I knew there were only three of you looking at it.

Thanks for the comments on the FQ challenge. I would like everyone to please note that I didn't put anything in the rules about not buying any more. I have been on a fabric diet for a while and I have been doing quite well, only buying what is necessary (background fabrics mainly), but I think that all those fabric stalls at the Festival Of Quilts may prove to be too much of a temptation. No, my aim is to try and use some of those FQ's that have sat there for a few years; like many quilters, my taste has certainly changed over the years and rather than waste those FQ's I want to try and use them. My other rule is: the pattern has to be fairly easy and quick - I am not into really fussy, overly difficult patterns - don't want much do I??

Anyway, here's to the first one. This is a pattern from ohfransson, a freebie on her site:

There are a complete mix of fabrics, and quite abit of Oakshot too.

This pattern used nine FQ's and about two and a half yards of background fabric. It is slightly different from hers as in she put her extra blocks in the backing, whereas I put an extra row on the front. It measures approx. 53" square, and as you can it just fits onto a double bed. I am thinking about putting a couple of borders around it to bulk it out abit. I like the effect, but it was quite fiddly to make, lots of seams to match up. I had to enlist the help of one of the kids to lay it out and make sure we didn't have any matching fabrics, but even then we didn't quite manage. The seam ripper had to come out to sort it out!!

These are the Japanese fabrics that are up next. Some of them were a gift from my mate Tracey, who has a new blogsite up which looks good.

I saw this quilt at the Festival of Quilts a couple of years ago and asked the stall holder if I could take a photo, and they kindly said yes.

I quite fancy having a go at something like this with them. The yellow would go in place of the red. What do you think, would it work?


  1. Who has a good eye for colour combos then ? Well done...this looks just great ! Japanese fabrics for the other one ? They would certainly make a quieter looking quilt . Love the matching up so could be quite fast to do. Thinking......go for it girl !!!
    Have fun, love, Fabriclovinggirlx

  2. Love the quilt! Greens are my favorites!

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  4. Ooh I like the green one! I would just add a pieced border down the sides I think to enclose the white blocks ... or is that too predictable.

    Comments from family count too btw!!!!!

    My Japanese is still in the cut stage!