Monday, 20 February 2012

I could get used to this!

Although dear husband of mine managed to completely mess up the computer, I could quite get used to this new system we have on here. You load the photos on from the camera, and it comes up with a lovely option of blogging it!!! How cool is that??? I am so easily pleased. Anyway, the photo doesn't do the colours justice with this one. It is very Cath Kidston, shabby chic. Again, it is just a quilt top not finished properly yet (that might take a good couple of years at the rate I am going). It was a range that came in the shop and I knew I wanted to do something with it. Looking at it on here I can see I haven't done a very good job of distributing the red evenly, especially around the centre - am I that bothered? No, is the answer to that one!

Two of the three went back to school today - hurrah, back into a routine. The third, and youngest, has a friend round to play. Friends mum dropped him off and then stayed for a coffee. We spent a very pleasant morning planning each other's new kitchens (they are having their old one ripped out and a new one put in) over coffee and cake. The boys spend the morning on the play station and are now outside in the garden. I was watching them through the window and I have come to the computer wondering what on earth goes through their heads sometimes. I have no idea what they are playing, but when does it ever seem like a good idea to launch yourself off a trampoline head first??? Is it a boy thing I wonder?
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Saturday, 18 February 2012

It's not Finished

Just trying out a new set up on the computer. Hubby has been playing!! Enough said. Managed to completely change how we load up photos. I have been trying all week and couldn't understand why blogger wasn't accepting my photos. See, that's my excuse for not blogging - it's either his fault or blogger - it couldn't possibly be me!!

I had a load of flying geese around and didn't want to waste them. After taking it into a club meeting, I came away with a headache as the gang had all given me so many different ideas on how to put them together. Came home and hubby just said "put them together like this"...........

So I did!! Doesn't it look nice and fresh?

Lots of changes coming up in our household. A house has been found, offers have been made and accepted, surveys have started - blimey, my own house!!! Trying not to get too excited!!! It's not working though.
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