Friday, 18 December 2009

I love blanket stitch; such a simple thing, but creates such a lovely effect.
A patchwork club challenge - to make something using hexagons:

Another challenge for myself: A class for Suffolk Puffs - finding as many uses for them as possible. Some of the others have already been given as presents though.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Two in a Day

Two posts in a day - unheard of!!! Just wanted to say, if there is anyone out there of course and I am beginning to think not, pop over to Tracey's this week - she is having a session on tips over the next few days - so far they have been really handy ones and made me realise that my iron is actually filthy!! Housekeeping has never been my strong point! Go and have a look, you might learn something new.


I have long been a fan of Jane Brocket. I made my mother buy me her wonderful book two years ago and I am always dipping into it, just checking out the pictures - wonderful colours. I saw this idea in there, and amazingly enough I had just the right shaped vase for the job. It makes me smile every time I see it - sad isn't it, I am so easily pleased.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Getting in the mood!

Look at these glorious colours, I just love looking at them - how sad is that?? Rick Rack purchased on a very pleasant day out with a dear friend. I just want to crawl into that basket and curl up with those colours. I think I need to get out more.

I have taught two beginners classes over the past month and they are always a joy. Do you remember that wonderful feeling you had when you had stitched a seam and you then pressed it open, and joy of joys your seams match as they are supposed to? I love to watch newbies and their reactions; the sense of achievement of making something that you previously thought you couldn't do. Some where along the line, I think I have lost that wonder and that sense of joy of making something; maybe that comes from making things and teaching things for a living. So with that in mind, I am going to try and enjoy what I make.

These following items were as a result of my Beginners classes. I wanted some small projects that I could show them that were made using the blocks we had practised in class. Small pot holders using two of the four patch blocks are super easy. The table runners use the same blocks but there are three of them this time. The quilting is using perle thread, one of my favourites at the moment.

Great for Christmas presents. Sorry, the Christmas one is a little blurred. I worked out that 80cm of each fabric should yield you six table mats, backing is extra.

I am feeling very Christmassy today, maybe due to the fact that I was wrapping Christmas presents last night. No, don't worry folks - I am not that organised. My Mum was here for the weekend, and as I am too tight to pay for postage, she was taking some of my families pressies back up North with her. I have managed to make this however, my Christmas mincemeat!! I wish you could smell it people - yummy! I don't like candied peel or extra fiddlings in my mincemeat, so I make my own. I have left it a little late this year though, so I hope it matures in time.

Looks pretty disgusting doesn't it actually, but it smells like Christmas!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Time to take a breath!

Well, another extended break between posting unfortunately. Why is life so busy? In a week that saw us having 3 kids all ill with coughs and colds, a rock concert, a visit to a sixth form college, a workshop at work and a husband who was away inbetween all this, we were all very glad when schools finished for half term. Unfortunately since then, I have come down with the family cough and cold - so nice of them to share.

Anyway, I think that my body has finally said "Enough! It's time to slow down a little bit!" As a result of the cold I have now got the mother of all coldsores - would you like to see photos (as suggested by my delightful daughter!). No, don't worry, I won't inflict that on you - just know that I can scare children at the moment as it stretches down to my top lip and up my right cheek. Given that I work in a shop, it is not the best of things to have really. One of collegues yesterday tried to tell me that it was okay, you couldn't see it - she's not a very convincing liar.

So, I think I need to slow down abit, take a breath and try to enjoy life a little bit. I have enjoyed the half term week, mainly because it has meant less driving for me. I take our oldest two to school on a daily basis - no biggy there I hear you cry. And normally it isn't, however a local road has been closed, which now means we have to go the long way round - a round trip of 30 miles - twice a day!!! And I don't know about you, but I am really struggling with tiredness this week due to the hours change at the weekend, I cannot get my body clock in line with it.

Anyway, in a bid to calm down and take thing a little easier, I dragged two of the kids out to Mottifont Abbey, about 15 minutes from us, for a walk and cuppa. Luckily for me they were doing a "Kids go free" day! DD took this photo - hello flowers it's October you know!!!

Look at the size of this tree!! That's the kids stood in front of it to give you some idea of just how big it is. I believe it is the biggest of it's type in Britain - not sure what type it is though.

On a quilty note: First quilt finished and handed over. She loved it and nearly cried, which is always a good reaction - well, I think it is anyway. Lessons learnt from this one? Many! I think I over quilted it, so much so that I ran out of thread!! A bigger meander would been better maybe. Anyway, the next one is on the frame, but waiting until the weekend to start it.

Next project for Sew Hip should be out this week I think. Stupid of me, but I sent it off without taking photos - must try harder. Found a way to use some lovely giant red rick rack though!!

Okay, time to take carrot cake out of the oven, have a cuppa and a quiet day. Who knows - I might even get some sewing in!!

Back soon!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Okay, okay, so I am not going to be the most regular of bloggers. What can I say?? I could give you a long list of reasons why I haven't posted, but I don't want to bore you with the mundane details of my life/kids/work! Anyway, I have at long last managed to get some photos off the camera - hurrah!! Unfortunately I did have to ask DH, and wouldn't you know it, he put the card in and it worked fine first time - not fair!! So below are pictures of my new toy, which I love by the way, and also a picture of my first proper quilt that came off it this weekend!.... Big drum roll please..........

As you can see it takes up most the ahem... dining room. That is a practise piece on it there. The real quilt is for a friend in the village who has been a listening ear to all my children worries over the past few weeks. I have been saying that I was going make her a quilt for a year now - well, finally she has one. Well, not quite yet as I have to bind it yet. There just aren't enough hours in the day!!!!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Frustration - why is nothing easy?? I wanted to post some photos of my new buy - I am very excited by this - but can I get the images to load onto my computer?? NO! I don't know why, and it means that I am going to have to ask DH to look at it and see why, and I don't like giving in and admitting that I can't sort something out by myself.

So, now I have to see if I can pull one from the official website; can't do that either. I am having absolutely no luck whatsoever.

Anyway, I purchased a frame from New English Quilters whilst at the NEC this year. It is something that I have been looking at for a while and decided now was the time.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I got it set up in the diningroom/workroom. I haven't had as much time to play on it as I would have liked, but it's coming. Tracey came over for a day and had a lovely time bossing me around. We had a great time and she gave me lots of tips and advice that helped so much. Her parting words to me were "Practise, practise, practise", closely followed by "I want a proper quilt on that frame by the end of the week!" Okay, haven't quite managed that yet, but hopefully by tomorrow there should be a quilt of there for quilting - and maybe some photos!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Starting Again

Well, here goes. Second time around for a blog. I started one a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the process to begin with. Then I found myself comparing my blog with others and finding it was lacking in many respects, decided to stop. So why try again?? Who knows - maybe things have just changed in my life and I feel that I have the self confidence to have another try. Whatever the reasons here I am!