Monday, 9 November 2009

Getting in the mood!

Look at these glorious colours, I just love looking at them - how sad is that?? Rick Rack purchased on a very pleasant day out with a dear friend. I just want to crawl into that basket and curl up with those colours. I think I need to get out more.

I have taught two beginners classes over the past month and they are always a joy. Do you remember that wonderful feeling you had when you had stitched a seam and you then pressed it open, and joy of joys your seams match as they are supposed to? I love to watch newbies and their reactions; the sense of achievement of making something that you previously thought you couldn't do. Some where along the line, I think I have lost that wonder and that sense of joy of making something; maybe that comes from making things and teaching things for a living. So with that in mind, I am going to try and enjoy what I make.

These following items were as a result of my Beginners classes. I wanted some small projects that I could show them that were made using the blocks we had practised in class. Small pot holders using two of the four patch blocks are super easy. The table runners use the same blocks but there are three of them this time. The quilting is using perle thread, one of my favourites at the moment.

Great for Christmas presents. Sorry, the Christmas one is a little blurred. I worked out that 80cm of each fabric should yield you six table mats, backing is extra.

I am feeling very Christmassy today, maybe due to the fact that I was wrapping Christmas presents last night. No, don't worry folks - I am not that organised. My Mum was here for the weekend, and as I am too tight to pay for postage, she was taking some of my families pressies back up North with her. I have managed to make this however, my Christmas mincemeat!! I wish you could smell it people - yummy! I don't like candied peel or extra fiddlings in my mincemeat, so I make my own. I have left it a little late this year though, so I hope it matures in time.

Looks pretty disgusting doesn't it actually, but it smells like Christmas!!

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  1. Sewing and cooking in one blog - think I'll rename you Martha S !

    Like the table mats - great idea to scallop the edges.