Saturday, 10 November 2012

It worked!

Ok it worked but I can't get the photos to go the way I want them to.  Same quilt design, different fabrics - medallion quilt designs from club mornings, the first one was maureens and this one is Beas, don't they great?

New phone app

I have a new phone app, just testing to see if it works.

Friday, 4 May 2012


Well, I have been away a while haven't I?  I have thought about posting honestly, but never quite managed it. 

Over three months ago we started a process that I am sure, many of you have been through - yes, house purchasing.  I think I mentioned it in a previous post, that we had found a house,  made an offer, had it accepted.  We were obviously very innocent of the whole process and assumed that because we weren't in a chain and the house we wanted was empty, that things would move quickly - we had hoped to be in by Easter.   How wrong were we!!!

Weeks have turned into months, endless going backwards and forwards between solicitors, mortgage lenders and estate agents.  As each week ended with no progress I began avoiding friends in the school playground at picking up time because I couldn't face saying yet again, that there was no news.  I stopped ringing family and friends for the same reason, I just couldn't face saying it all yet again.  Sounds abit melodramatic doesn't it?   I lost weight, I put weight on, it kept me awake night after night - it even stopped me sewing!!!  I know - right??  It must have been bad.  I thought moving a family half way around the world was stressful - it's got nothing on this.

And none of this was because it was bad, but mainly because I wanted it sooooo badly, and I was terrified that something was going to happen to ruin it all, or that it would fall through.  We celebrated 20 years of marriage last week and over those 20 years we have had lots of houses, all over the world.  But this one is different - this one is ours and it is a big thing for us as a family. We are all a mixture of excited and scared at the same time. 

As I have just typed, trying to fill in some time this morning, my mobile has just gone off - the estate agents to tell me that I can go down and collect the keys!  Now I can a feel a major panic attack coming on!! 

So to all my family and friends - if I have seemed absent lately, sorry!!  Normal life will resume very shortly hopefully! 

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to get the keys to our new home........

Monday, 20 February 2012

I could get used to this!

Although dear husband of mine managed to completely mess up the computer, I could quite get used to this new system we have on here. You load the photos on from the camera, and it comes up with a lovely option of blogging it!!! How cool is that??? I am so easily pleased. Anyway, the photo doesn't do the colours justice with this one. It is very Cath Kidston, shabby chic. Again, it is just a quilt top not finished properly yet (that might take a good couple of years at the rate I am going). It was a range that came in the shop and I knew I wanted to do something with it. Looking at it on here I can see I haven't done a very good job of distributing the red evenly, especially around the centre - am I that bothered? No, is the answer to that one!

Two of the three went back to school today - hurrah, back into a routine. The third, and youngest, has a friend round to play. Friends mum dropped him off and then stayed for a coffee. We spent a very pleasant morning planning each other's new kitchens (they are having their old one ripped out and a new one put in) over coffee and cake. The boys spend the morning on the play station and are now outside in the garden. I was watching them through the window and I have come to the computer wondering what on earth goes through their heads sometimes. I have no idea what they are playing, but when does it ever seem like a good idea to launch yourself off a trampoline head first??? Is it a boy thing I wonder?
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Saturday, 18 February 2012

It's not Finished

Just trying out a new set up on the computer. Hubby has been playing!! Enough said. Managed to completely change how we load up photos. I have been trying all week and couldn't understand why blogger wasn't accepting my photos. See, that's my excuse for not blogging - it's either his fault or blogger - it couldn't possibly be me!!

I had a load of flying geese around and didn't want to waste them. After taking it into a club meeting, I came away with a headache as the gang had all given me so many different ideas on how to put them together. Came home and hubby just said "put them together like this"...........

So I did!! Doesn't it look nice and fresh?

Lots of changes coming up in our household. A house has been found, offers have been made and accepted, surveys have started - blimey, my own house!!! Trying not to get too excited!!! It's not working though.
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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas? Been there, done that.

Happy New Year to you all. Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. It seemed to go quick, but also quite slow - that doesn't make sense I know, but Christmas seemed to go quite quickly but then the kids seem to have been off for ages.

I had a lot to blog about before Christmas and never managed to get round to it, so I am on catch up abit now. December is table runner workshop days and these were some of the end results. I love table runner days as they are busy and everyone's working on different things. The only trouble is now of course, that I can't remember who did what.........

I think this one was Bea's:

This is Rebecca's frienship braid from last Christmas that she has managed to finish. The great thing about it is that it is reversable!

December was an incredibly busy month family wise, with trips away to various places by hubby. Aside from those, we had another first in the household. Youngest son attended his very first rock concert!!

He loved it, and a great first concert too at Wembly Arena. There were three bands on that night, and Black Stone Cherry were second on. We missed the first one due to traffic getting in to London but we only really wanted to see these guys. Once they had gone off, he had had enough and wanted to go home. We did stay to see most of the headlining band, Alter Bridge, but we had all had enough just before the end, so slipped out early as we still had a 2 hour drive home. We were the first out of the car park I think, and on route home before everyone else thought about getting out. He slept all the way home and woke as we pulled into the drive and said "Are we home already? That was quick". I wish!

More tomorrow hopefully.