Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More blocks

More of my hand stitched blocks and that lovely line of stitching....

Disaster has hit though - my latest project for Sew Hip has got lost in the post!!! I am gutted and it is my fault really. I was so keen to get it off that I just sent it normal post, not recorded. When I think of that lovely, lovely fabric just sat somewhere.....not fair!! Oh, well lesson learnt I suppose - the hard way though!

Slow Down

I recently held a class in hand piecing. Do you remember those days??? Making templates, tracing around them, and then that slow hand stitching along the lines. When I started to make the samples for the day it was a chore. I felt frustrated at the speed of the whole process, the slowness of it!!! All that work for one block. I began to feel I had made a big mistake suggesting running a course on this, something that seemed to show in the numbers that were booking on it. I had five in the end (I need to have four to run).

Then somewhere along the line something began to change. I started to enjoy it. I found I could sit and do these blocks in front of the telly; I could carry them in a little bag and whenever I had five minutes I could just whip them out and carry on; I became fixated on those neat little lines of hand stitching that just made me feel happy. I didn't care if I was slightly off the line on one side; I loved the fabric (Denyse Schmidt) and had been looking for way to use it; but most of all I loved the look of the block once finished and pressed.

I am on block 9 now and plan to keep going. They are simple blocks, nothing fancy but I love them are four of them.

I had five ladies attend for the day and we had a brilliant time. We just sat and sewed, talked, laughed and ate cake (you can't have a patchwork class without cake in my opinion) - I almost felt guilty for having charged them for the day it was that much fun! I plan to continue making blocks and just see how far I can go; maybe even making a quilt completely by hand. Go on, do something that will slow you down abit - it feels good!!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

February's Postcard Swap

Finally managed to get some photos of Traceys postcard that she sent me for February. How sweet is that??? Snow dyed fabric included. Now the little tinker has got the better of me and has already sent me her card for March!!! I had better get my skates on and photograph that one as well. Oh, I had better make her one too really!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

February's postcard exchange with my mate Tracey. This is what I sent her; now I just have to photograph hers!! Is it really two weeks since I last blogged???