Thursday, 29 May 2014

Little Woollie

I had the great fortune to teach over at Little Woollie at the weekend.  This new little shop is in Bromley, Kent.  Well, I say new, but they have been open since October time last year.    Have a look at what a great space this is:

That's Trudy there in the centre, who owns the shop.  As you can see she is surrounded by all of her lovely crochet - they offer classes in that as well - just saying.  Some of my hand pieced blocks are hanging above her on the washing line - really must those back and finish them off one day.   And this is the wool choice:

Doesn't it look lovely?  All that colour.  

I was teaching a quilting class and had seven lovely ladies all keen on how to finish their quilt tops.  We start with hand quilting in the morning and then quickly move onto the machines in the afternoon - that's what a lot of people want to learn - the free motion quilting.  Although for the first time in a long time I had one lady who, although she had a go at the machine work, decided that by the end of the day that really, she was quite happy sticking with the hand quilting.  I love hand quilting, but as with most people it is finding the time to do it.  So when I got back I suddenly felt the urge to do some hand quilting.  I will show the results soon, but boy oh boy am I out of practise - my hand hurts now!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Still raining here, don't know about you.  

My new love - straight line stitching - love this!  And the best thing is - it's simple,  no major worries but maybe a bit boring to do. 

These are from a table runner that I finished off - only had it made for about three years, but still it is finished now. 

Had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, worked a bit but then had a nice family day on Sunday and then some nice quality time with my daughter.  She has been messing with the family camera - she comes up with some lovely and interesting shots:

This from my wedding anniversary flowers - 22 years and still got the heat!  Or so my husband reckons...

And then this....