Saturday, 18 February 2012

It's not Finished

Just trying out a new set up on the computer. Hubby has been playing!! Enough said. Managed to completely change how we load up photos. I have been trying all week and couldn't understand why blogger wasn't accepting my photos. See, that's my excuse for not blogging - it's either his fault or blogger - it couldn't possibly be me!!

I had a load of flying geese around and didn't want to waste them. After taking it into a club meeting, I came away with a headache as the gang had all given me so many different ideas on how to put them together. Came home and hubby just said "put them together like this"...........

So I did!! Doesn't it look nice and fresh?

Lots of changes coming up in our household. A house has been found, offers have been made and accepted, surveys have started - blimey, my own house!!! Trying not to get too excited!!! It's not working though.
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