Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Frustration - why is nothing easy?? I wanted to post some photos of my new buy - I am very excited by this - but can I get the images to load onto my computer?? NO! I don't know why, and it means that I am going to have to ask DH to look at it and see why, and I don't like giving in and admitting that I can't sort something out by myself.

So, now I have to see if I can pull one from the official website; can't do that either. I am having absolutely no luck whatsoever.

Anyway, I purchased a frame from New English Quilters whilst at the NEC this year. It is something that I have been looking at for a while and decided now was the time.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I got it set up in the diningroom/workroom. I haven't had as much time to play on it as I would have liked, but it's coming. Tracey came over for a day and had a lovely time bossing me around. We had a great time and she gave me lots of tips and advice that helped so much. Her parting words to me were "Practise, practise, practise", closely followed by "I want a proper quilt on that frame by the end of the week!" Okay, haven't quite managed that yet, but hopefully by tomorrow there should be a quilt of there for quilting - and maybe some photos!!!

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  1. whadda ya mean ... bossing! and WHY isn't that proper quilt on the frame yet?