Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Fat Quarter Challenge

Things are getting out of hand! I mean really out of hand. The following photos show, probably a large percentage, but certainly not all of, my fat quarters. Three trays full of fat quarters.


And further up the stack, three:

Please do not think that is all of them either, there are fat quarters in baskets, bowls, bags, cupboards and wardrobes. Some thing has to be done as they are weighing me down; knowing they are sat there unused is driving me nuts.
So I have issued myself with a fat quarter challenge - I am going to use them up. I am going to use as many fat quarter patterns or books as I can and try and reduce their number. So if you know of any good patterns to use up FQ's - let me know.
My Rules:
I am aiming to make at least one a month if I can.
I will blog about them; the pattern used and the quantities of FQ's.
The quilt does not necessarily have to be finished to blog about it - a complete top is good enough.
I will clear out the FQ's that I know I will never use and donate them to someone/some group that will.
First up are a group of Japanese FQ's that have been collected over a number of years.


  1. Don´t worry, this looks like mine :-) Glad to see that I am not the only one to have this mess in the fabric!
    When I com home from vacation I will send you some ideas off useing fat quarters.
    So long.


  2. ... I have a great pattern for Japanese blue fabrics .. think its in one of the Rosemary Wilkinsons - quilt in a weekend books.

    or are they the brown japanese? I cut my browns up last week!

    So no FQ buying at FOQ?

  3. Ok, so you have some fat quarters.......the next thing is to enjoy using them. Play with them first, listen to what they say and then .......cut, sew and feel oh so virtuous....till you fall in love all over again with some more !
    Methinks you have joined the big, big group of quilters who have the same if not more, amount of fabric. Donating what you have fallen out of love with...that sounds a good idea. I'm not taking bets on the length of time that passes before you buy some more though. Good luck with the "rules"
    Love, Fabriclovinggirl.