Monday, 2 August 2010

Forgive me...

Okay, okay, so I missed yesterday - please don't hold it against me. I did try, but the day just got away from me, something to do with that two hours of constant ironing I did, and anyway I am here now!!!

Where does all that ironing come from? A family of five manages to produce a huge amount of ironing and yes, I should be encouraging my children to step up to the mark and help out, but you know what? I think I might be too much of a control freak to do that - they just wouldn't do it right! So I shouldn't really complain should I? And in all fairness DH stepped up to the mark in their place and did help out too.

Although he wasn't in my good books this morning. Just because he still has to go to work and isn't on holiday yet, he still feels he has to wake me up at 7am with my cup of coffee. I know that I am very lucky getting a cup of coffee in bed in the morning, but 7am people???? Not only that but he then proceeded to pack around me for his little overnight trip this evening and wondered why I was grumpy when I got up!

Enough complaining, time for some quilts:

This is a coin quilt made for DD. In truth it was made last summer, well the strips anyway. It took me until her birthday in May to get the top pieced together and finally this weekend, it was bound and then washed. DH has a new lens on the camera, which I am going to take off as I can't get on with it. You wouldn't believe it was a sunny day here would you?

Luckily she loves it. All her favourite colours - orange, orange and just a touch more orange! There are all sorts in there from Amy Butler to Denyse Schmidt. Machine quilted on the frame and bound in Denyse Schmidt. I will try and get some close ups of the quilting tomorrow.

We meet up with loads of family a few weeks ago at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and this one was handed over - again a bad photo and I am going to blame that lens again (that lens that someone picked up for us a car boot sale for £5 and is probably great, but not for me). This was the original and was based on a quilt I saw in Country Threads in Bath.
So, yes I have finished two quilts recently. I even managed to piece a little top over the weekend, more on that later though - don't want to show everything in one go do I??

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  1. Of course you are forgiven.....not only have you blogged but added pics as well. Lucky DD, super quilt. that will be going on sleep overs then. The second quilt looks quite different with the red...amazing what happens when colours are changed. They look a nice size too. Ooooh, so there's a little quilty lurking somewhere....will be looking out for it, with pleasure.Love, Fabriclovinggirl.