Friday, 4 June 2010

My Space - well, the tidy end

I saw on a blog lately a photo of someone's sewing space and I always love seeing where other people work. This is my space. Okay, so it happens to be the dining room, which is no longer used as a dining room, except if we have guests of course. Then it all gets packed away and tidied up - luckily we don't have that many guests that require me to do that. Most of our guests know me and my obsession and can accept that.
Notice I am only showing you one corner of the room. This is the reasonably tidy corner, all the rubbish is on the other side. On the table is my current obsession as a result of a class last week. I am not sure what it is called, is it Orange Peel?? I am also not sure about the wide border around it either. Oh, I found who else is working on this pattern - Oh Franson is working on a lovely orange version which looks fantastic! I believe she is using hand applique to fix her shapes down - I went for the quick option and machine stitched them using blind hem stitch.
Next obsession is curves - my obsession's are usually dictated by what class I am working towards next. Patchwork Club at the weekend and in the morning we are working on piecing curves. The afternoon group are beginning their Block of the Month. Once the weekend is done I shall move on to Charm Pack patterns, which is my next class in a couple of weeks time. Some times I would just like to step of the roller coaster and just not have to think of things to sew. Maybe Monday will be that day as I have the opportunity of a workshop with Ferret!

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  1. Oh boy, you are a good tidy ! That chair looks super comfy. Yes, I know that block as Orange Peel too. What will you bind with ? Hope you enjoy your day with Ferret ...... will the result be the start of another quilty obsession ? Love from Fabriclovinggirl.