Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I'm Still Here

Yes, I am still here.

The past couple of weeks have been somewhat of a blur. Between work, kids, the mad rush towards the end of term, I had to then be subjected to the ordeal of seeing my eldest son heading of to his school prom looking so much like a man it just about broke my heart.

He had very definite ideas of what he did and did not want to wear and that included a pair of black converse trainers with purple laces with his dinner jacket! As we stood there and watched him and his party pull up at the hall gates in a wonderful horse and carriage it brought a tear to my eye. All those young people looking so fantastic and happy, with their lives ahead of them stretching out. For some there will be lots of good times, for some there will be endless heartache; but life goes on and that evening seemed to mark the beginning and the end of a point in that life path.

As I said to DH that time is now gone, we will never have that again, that moment is passed. Gone is that little boy who would talk for hours on Harry Potter, who would sit in his room and paint Warhammer and read constantly. He is replaced by a young man who now still sits in his room all the time but now he is on MSN, he still reads but there are now war books or sci-fi. I still get a hug every now and then, but on his terms, and it is hard to hug a 6' 3" rake if he doesn't want you to!

But at the end of the day; he is still my little boy and I was incredibly proud of him that evening. Here's to a life full of good times!


  1. Its the start of a new chapter! Lovin the purple converse laces though!

  2. What an achievement...to get your lad safely to this stage of his life....you deserve a pat on the back ! The hugs will still come...honestly ! New chapter starting now, fingers crossed for a happy one. Love, fabriclovinggirl.