Monday, 31 May 2010


Two weeks since the last post - I can't seem to get the hang of this posting business. I have lots of ideas of what I want to write and never seem to get round to doing it. Oh well, half term this week so not much going to be happening this week.

I had a machine applique workshop last week. I decided we would cover four methods of machine applique and then they would spend the rest of the day working on something. This was the something I decided to do:

This wall hanging has four blocks of petals and each block uses a different method of machine applique. I am not sure if you can make them out in the photos but I think if you click on them they should enlarge. This one is satin stitch:

A very bold look and not to my taste at all really. The following is blanket stitch:

I really like the look of this one and have used it a lot in previous projects. The next is raw edge:

Not quite as effective, especially in this situation, but I think it has a lot of uses. The final one is blind hem stitch.

I really like this stitch and have fallen in love with how effective it looks (or doesn't as the case maybe). I used a new Juki from work to do this and it worked great. I thought this stitch would be the strong winner on the day with my class, but no...... funnily enough most of them really liked the satin stitch and I had one who loved the raw edge - just goes to show doesn't it? I have got carried away with this pattern now and have also made a start on this:

This is a small table runner or wall hanging for a dear friend of mine who has turned 40. She turned 40 about two weeks ago, but in true Emma fashion it is taking me some time to finish it!! The fabric is Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley, which I love, love, love! I have also started another wall hanging using this pattern and stitch, more on that later. I have seen another blogger working on this pattern as well, but I can't remember where I have seen it.
Other big news: I roasted a duck for the first time in my life tonight and it was absolutely delicious - I need to get out more!


  1. I like the like the blind hem stitch too but I can see uses for all of them depending on the look of the quilt.

    Dont talk to me about Hope Valley .. I ordered some last November and it still hasnt arrived despite claims its being shipped! Yeah right! Checked out Facebook for company and numerous complaints on it.

    Duck .. yum. Have you seen the Delia add on tv?

    Happy half term!

  2. Wow, just love these. My choice would be the blanket stitched neat. Love the table runner too. Real zingy colours. Just imagine opening a parcel and discovering this with all those lovely colours. Would brighten anyone's day. Well done, again ! Fabriclovinggirl