Wednesday, 12 May 2010

It's never been four weeks?!!!

Oh Blimey, I saw on another blog that I hadn't blogged in over four weeks!!! Four weeks people!!! I think I have lost some weeks somewhere, I am sure it can't have been that long! Where does the time go??

Well, my run on finishing things didn't last very long did it? I have finished some things though. This was a table runner made from left overs from a quilt (more on that another time) that made its way up to my mum's table. I am not showing any close ups as the quilting on it is abit of donkey!! That told you didn't it?

The next two following shots are of a wallhanging that is for a class on machine applique which I am running in a couple of weeks. Four panels each one using a different machine applique technique. This is the very badly lit version:

This is the horribly over exposed version:

Try as I might, I was unable to find a happy medium between the two - so I gave up!

Finally, I am probably the last person in the country to discover the joy of Converse shoes - maybe not quite the last person! I wanted some new trainers or shoes for knocking around in and these fit the bill. They make me feel a little bit trendy, without feeling like mutton (you know what I mean ladies!!):

I think I must be having a bit of a mid life thingy - what with these and my other purchase - a snazzy pair of purple shoes - but I'll save those for another day!!

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  1. fabriclovinggirl12 May 2010 at 12:16

    Oh, I was hoping to see the purple shoes too ! Love the shot of the comfy ones though. We all need a pair like that. The wee table runner look sooo cheerful and that binding just "makes" it. What's this with the negative about the quilting Missy ? I think it suits the theme of your chosen fabrics...just right ! A lot better done than most of us can manage. Lively and zingy. Amazing the effect with lighting...interesting things happen by accident. Might be worth experimenting further with that on something else. Just roll with the mid life thing and have fun, be naughty and get away with it !!