Thursday, 4 September 2014

Holiday time!

It started with a plane ride over the Alps, the view was incredible we were so lucky with the weather on the flight.  Unfortunately the landing was in the middle of a lovely thunderstorm, we weren't quite so lucky then.

Can you guess where we went? Yes you're right the leaning tower of Pisa and it really does lean!  Quite shockingly so actually I was really surprised at how much it does lean over.

We had a lovely day walking round Pisa and then the following day we picked up a hire car and headed out to our villa, again unfortunately in a wonderful thunderstorm.

The weather was very undecided for the first few days but from the Wednesday on for the rest of the week it just got hotter and hotter. Our villa was situated on the side of an Italian hill and the views into the valley were just amazing.

We had a really relaxing week just reading books, sitting by the pool, eating and of course there was some patchwork involved.  More on that to come later.  

We have been to Italy a couple of times now and we just love the country and the people there. It makes you realise how lazy we are as a nation really, as most of the people we came across could speak English. Our Italian is a little bit more limited but we managed with lots of gesturing and perhaps shouting a little too loud.  

So we all came home with a little bit of a tan and a few extra pounds heavier but it was well worth, it was a lovely lovely holiday.  

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