Friday, 25 April 2014

This weather is awful.  Rain, rain and more rain! 

Are these too big now?  You want your pictures to make an impact but I wonder if this size is too in your face!  We have been doing a bit of scrap management in some of my clubs at work - the red pattern in particular.  These all came out of my scrap bins - it barely made a dent in them which was very worrying really.  These are destined to be cushions I think.  See the extra white strip at the top and bottom of the green one?  That's what comes of trimming a block up before you measure it and realised you have trimmed off too much - I am getting really good at doing things like that.

Love the red one, although had a few issues as it was unpicked at one point, and now as you might be able to see from the photo, we have a few stretch issues due to the bias. Talking of bias, I am doing a Lone Star class that has the potential to be a nightmare with all those bias edges - should be fun.

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