Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I got new fabric!!

I got some new fabric:

This lovely pile came from Gooba Designs on Etsy and they are LOVELY!  I can't decide what to make with them though.  I can see a shirt or two in some of them though.  I just got fat eights to see what they were like, but I really like them and now want to order more!

I also made myself something!!!  I know - for myself!  I have only wanted to do this for about 6 months.  My pegs were in a horrible plastic box thing and someone (!) kept leaving them out in the rain so all the pegs had gone rusty.  This fabric came in at work and just flew off the shelves; luckily I managed to bag myself some before then.  And so a peg bag was born:

And look - I also treated myself to some new pegs:

It has been used and has also been taken into work to be shown off - now everyone is making peg bags, it's great.  Guess what you are all getting for Christmas family???

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