Sunday, 4 September 2011

Summer Ends! Autumn Begins!

It's officially Autumn - did you know?? Could you tell the change from summer to autumn? Difficult isn't it? Well, the summer has finished, the kids have started to go back to school - only one so far, but I have high hopes for Monday morning!! It seemed to go quick, the summer I mean, and our holiday already seems a long time ago.

Italy was wonderful, with plenty of ups and downs. The downs included landing on Saturday and not getting our suitcase until Wednesday teatime. But apart from that, there was plenty of this:

DD had pizza EVERY DAY just about, especially when we were in Rome. The villa was an hour north of Rome, and then we had four days in Rome at the end.

There was loads of this:

And as a result, there was loads of this too:

The poor chambermaids at the hotel must have hated us. We walked miles!!! But it was worth it for things like this:

We spent a fortune on ice cream. It was very often used as an incentive - you know, when we get here you can have an ice cream, when we get there you can have an ice cream. Grandparents had very kindly given them all some ice cream money - I think we may have tripled that allowance!!

Mr Drum enjoyed it anyway!

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