Saturday, 30 April 2011

Practise Continues....

Practise continues on the feathers - there is an improvement don't you think? Please say yes..

The Royal Wedding today...... look what DD made to celebrate. It tasted as good as it looks too. I thought it was a lovely day, we all sat down to watch as a family - boys included! Although I nearly threw them out the room at one point as they would insist on making daft commentaries on what they thought people were saying and completely ruined the key part of the marriage service when they said their vows.

So what's a woman supposed to do when you have a 12 year old who wants to dress up, make cake and have tea whilst watching?

Well, if you can't beat them - put on your best purple shoes and join them!!


  1. Nice feathers, yes, you are making progress :-)
    Would like to taste that cake, and I would not mind some purpel shoes either :-)

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. hello i love your cake meggie looks yummy!!! from phoebe xxx