Saturday, 9 April 2011

It Was All Going So Well....

Wednesday was a day off work - bonus! Add to that it was a glorious day - double bonus! It was all going so well. I had been up since 5.30am - not usual for me, but eldest son was a visit to Cardiff University and needed to be away early. I had made a cake and written a few emails by 7.30am. Got the other two kids off to school, came home, tidied up, washing in, washing out on the line, bathrooms cleaned, hoovered upstairs and down - I was on a roll. I hoovered the fireplace and and in the few minutes I was doing that the postman called. We had been expected a rather important package and I had missed him. I knew that I had just missed him as I had only been hoovering for a few minutes, so I raced out the door to chase after him. As I headed down the driveway, I heard the front door slam behind me.................and realised that I had locked myself out!!! The Postman showed absolutely no empathy to my plight at all, and as soon as I had signed for my parcel (which wasn't even the package we had been waiting for) he ran for the hills as fast as he could obviously wanting no part in helping this mad woman. There was only a cleaning lady in along the road and she very kindly let me use their phone, but of course I had no numbers. I knew hubby was away from the office in a meeting all day, and the chances of him getting back to let me in were slim. I needed to pick the kids up from school and the car keys were in the house. So......I had to break in. Luckily this involved just breaking a small pane of glass and I could reach in and turn the key. It was remarkably easy really, frighteningly easy - makes you think!! Not quite how I envisioned my day going!!

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