Monday, 28 March 2011

I, like so many other sewers, quilters, crafters, have to manage to find a piece of the house for myself. I found that space in the dining room, which fortunately is a good size and I can manage to get the frame, my Horn cabinet and even the ironing board in there, as well as a piano and computer! Yes, it is a multi functional space and let's face it, with families multi functional spaces are common. This is the "dining room":
As you can see - all set up for sewing. That is my collegues quilt on the frame done as a favour last week. The Horn is just off to the left. Great isn't it? Please note Trudy - the new light on the top of the machine - huge help, great tip thank you!

Unfortunately though, people come to stay or dinner parties need to take place. Then it all needs to come down and out of the way and it becomes a dining room once more:

Hard to believe it is the same space isn't it? This is the morning after and if you looked closely then you would see the food stains on the table cloth!

And the next day - it all goes back up again!

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  1. What a great transformation! There and back again! Thank you for the post - it is good for all of us to see such creative use of space.