Monday, 14 March 2011

Great Day

Today has been a good day!

Firstly because I had the day off! I know I am very lucky in that I only have to work part-time and I get to work at something I love doing. But I worked every day last week, and yes two of those days were only half days, but they may as well have been full days by the time I had done the shopping and kids etc. But I also had two workshops last week and I don't care what you say, taking workshops is tiring! Being nice to people all day long is tiring! Although I have to say that it really isn't hard when your ladies are as nice as mine are - we have such a laugh most of the time that I sometimes feel guilty taking their money off them as I enjoy their company too. But today I got to stay home in my house - in the peace and quiet -and those days are precious.

Secondly I got to have a good old chat with my older sis, which always cheers me up. Miss you loads!

Thirdly, and probably very sad, but I got two loads of washing dry out on the line today. I love, love, love seeing washing blowing in the wind on the line - I told you, sad!

Fourly - I managed a bit of time on the quilting frame today. I got chance to try out my new tracks from Martha. I had a real nightmare before Christmas working on Mum's quilt (the binding is on by the way - I am getting there slowly but surely). But at the retreat I picked up the new seamless tracks - my word, what a joy! I will post more on this in due time, but I have really enjoyed the time on there today.

So following a request from Trudy to "show my feathers" (which I have to say sounded a little strange) these are the feathers I did at the retreat. The first one was the beginning:

Not good is it? All over the place - stubby lady fingers. One side, the bottom side wasn't too bad, but the run along the top - dreadful!!!! As time went by, they did get better:

But then I lost it again. I will have to practise more at home. I am not defeated though!


  1. Stubby fingers ... thats the polite version hahaha ... I normally call them droopy boobs! (and I was being polite too!)

    Anyway -- come one they don't look half bad for saying you hadn't done them before. Practice practice practice.

  2. :) Lol I had to laugh at Tracey's description! You made great progress, it's all about the practice :) I'm pleased you had a day of peace! Such a pleasure :)

  3. I am glad you had such a good day. Good luck on practise on you quilting! My quilting needs practice too :-)