Thursday, 3 February 2011

Vandals and windows!

My Saturday morning ladies have just come to the end of our Block of the Month that I ran last year. Some of them were complete beginners when they started and they have all done a fantastic job on them. We had a small slot available in the shop window inbetween displays, so I asked if we could display some of them in there.

Four ladies managed to get their blocks together as quilt tops over the Christmas and New Year period. With my sample quilt, we had five to display in the window and they duly went in last week. They looked brilliant and it was amazing at how different they looked too, even though they were the same blocks.

I was off on Monday, meeting up with the wonderful Tracey for coffee and a natter. So imagine my horror upon returning to work on Tuesday to find that in the early hours of Sunday morning - obviously on the way home from the pub/club and probably tanked up - some mindless yobs had decided to completely cave in the front of the shop window!! They took nothing and it seems to have been just for the fun of it!!

Luckily the quilts do not appear to have been damaged from what we can see, although I expect they are covered in shards of glass. But it's not good is it really? I can quite clearly see one of them saying to me as she handed her quilt over "You will take good care of it and I will get it back won't I". My reply was "Of course we will and of course you will". Little did I know!!! The other unfortunately thing at the moment is that they not only shattered the window, but they also did structural damage to the roofing of the window frontage so we have been banned by the insurance company from entering the window at all, so I can't even take them down at the moment.

Anyway, moving on..... a couple of photo's of Mum's quilt now it is off the frame. This was a block of the month that I purchased nearly 12 years ago from a quilt shop in Bozeman, Montana. The setting comes from Sharyn Craig's Setting Solutions book. Now I just need to finish quilting the blocks, and bind it - ha, ha - at the rate I am going that might take me another 12 years!!!

I bought two versions of these blocks, the other is in reds which is supposed to be for me, although Mum always tried to say that the red version was hers - I am sure it was mine! Maybe...

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  1. The quilt looks fantastic Emma!
    Worth the wait for sure.

    I am sorry about the shop window though - what mindless thugs! Why? I'm sure the quilts will be ok though. Just be careful about handling them and give them a good vacuum over.