Monday, 17 January 2011

September? Really?

Okay, it wasn't really September the last time I posted was it? That is seriously scarey!

I have had a bit on my plate though - honest! The move went as well as can be expected really, but it came hard after 5 years in one place. I know that 5 years is nothing to most people, but it is the longest we have ever lived anywhere and moving back into Forces accomodation came as abit of a shock to the system. Still, we are lucky to have a lovely 5 bedroom house with a huge garden and the best thing....... an open fire! Bliss!

Christmas was nice and pieceful, we shut the doors and didn't leave unless we had to. But that also means that New Year has come hard now. I don't think I like January very much - horrible weather, overweight, no money, no motivation - roll on February please.

Anyway, I finally got this on the frame over the holidays. My poor mother has only been waiting for this quilt for nearly 12 years now. Every year she would ask me if she was going to get it and every year I would say "yes this is the year" and every year it would fall by the way in favour of other things. Well, not this year. I finally got all the blocks made and while on holiday in France last summer, mananged to get it pieced together as a top. A week before Christmas it went on the frame, but despite all my best efforts it wasn't finished in time. This is it during it's first run over, which is where it ended. Everything had to come down for Christmas, so this is as far as it got.

My little Juki worked it's socks off and purred all the time. I will take some more shots of it closer up. I tried something a little bit more adventurous for me, which didn't quite work out but it was good fun trying it. More on that later.


  1. I'm sure that your mother will be pleased to received the beautiful quilt whenever you get it finished. Moms are like that.

  2. The quilt looks beautiful. Waiting for more pictures to see :-)