Saturday, 11 September 2010

Moving On

I'm still here. Yes, I know I feel off the wagon briefly, but I have a good excuse - honest! About five minutes ago DH managed to drop a full cup of coffee all over the table and keyboard - wonder how long the keyboard will survive now?? That's not my excuse though.

Well there is good news and bad news. Although I am having trouble coming up with the good news, but there must be some. Oh, yes the title of this post "Moving On" doesn't mean that I am going to be leaving this space, but actually refers to the bad news. Oh, dear I am not making much sense am I? Okay, we came back from our holiday in France to discover that the landlord of our house (that the Army rent for us) has decided he wants to move back into his house - how inconsiderate is that???? Not only that, but we have to be out by the 18th October! Not much time to get things sorted really. After a few weeks of an emotional rollercoaster they have now offered us another house, which is about 10 miles down the road. This means a move back into Forces accomodation, something we have been away from for five years now.

The news has not gone down well with the children, especially the youngest as it means he will probably have to move school. We went to look at the new house today, which didn't go well with the oldest as he wasn't particularly impressed with it. Life is difficult in our house at the minute!

So moving swiftly on - see this pretty pile of yarn? Don't you just love the colours?

See that strand of yellow heading off in the other direction? This is a little something I got started in France.......

Yes, my own ripple cushion. Do you think it is loud enough??


  1. Sorry to hear of your circumstances :( I love the afghan and the colors!

  2. wow, that is some real funky ripple emma. !!! You just couldn't be sad doing hooky with that. A cushion cover...mmmm, sounds nice, just need a cuppa, a good book and a quilt buddy to share it with :-)
    Home change ? Now that is a bit of an upheaval to put it mildly. Hope the offspring soon "come round".
    Keyboard and hot drinks don't really go together DH. Moving swiftly on....

    My answer to your last, love the colours. Keep hooking lass :-) love from fabriclovinggirl

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