Sunday, 1 June 2014

New Tracks - new quilt

 I got new tracks.

About a month ago, no probably nearly two months ago we had the pleasure of hosting Martha and The New English Quilt Frame at work- we had a great time.  Lots of people came by to see us, old friends and new.  Lots of interest in the frames too.  I took mine in as well so that we had two frames on the go for people to try.  Whilst it was in, Martha recognised a small problem with my tracks.  Now, to be honest I thought it was just me and never really thought about it much, just worked around it as you do, so it was nice to know it wasn't me!!

Anyway, Martha took my old tracks and replaced them with some nice shiny new ones.  This is the first quilt on them.  They are taking a bit of getting used to, they have a completely different feel to my old ones.  I have now finished this quilt that you can see loaded on, and I think that I am getting used to them.  I have struggled to get this one finished and mainly because it seems the wrong season to be doing it.  This is a jelly roll quilt from ages ago (common theme with my quilts) and is very autumnal and I decided to quilt leaves all over it, which suits it perfectly.  But I am crying out for sun and warm and summer and this just doesn't do it for me at the minute.

I have used a lovely muted variegated So Fine thread in browns, really nice.  But because I didn't have bobbins in that colour I decided to wind my own - tedious!!!!  Pre-wound bobbins are definitely the way ahead in my book.  Like I said I have finished this quilt and I am about to take it off the frame - that wonderful moment where you see whether it has actually worked or not.  Will let you know.

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