Monday, 14 November 2011

A Mixed Bag

Well, it will be a mixed bag really. Christmas is hurtling towards us a fast rate of knots - have you started your shopping yet?? Big Sis, if you say you have finished I will scream!!!

Anyway, the Great British Bake Off continues to inspire some members of the family:

Not good for the waistline if you are trying to cut down before Christmas. What do you mean? I couldn't possible say no, that would be rude!!

Preparation for Christmas Table Runner day continues as well. Designs have been decided, now I just have to make the dam things:

And in case you think all is neat and tidy; it isn't.........

I can't even dare show the floor surface surrounding the table, it's shocking really. This was taken on a good day too.

And finally, I am so proud of my littlest lad. He has worked long and hard for this and it is well deserved - a blue belt entered the household last week after many sessions of Judo. We are very pleased for him, the only trouble is he will start to compete in matches.........I have trouble watching my youngest getting pummelled and beaten all colours of the rainbow. Luckily I am working that day, so I have the perfect excuse not to be there!


  1. Congrats to the little man :) Delicious cake and equally delicious table runners :) The table looks orderly to me! You should see mine! lol

  2. Fab news about the belt...he is a star! No, haven't finished Christmas shopping yet! Cake looks scrummy. Miss you all.XXX