Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Heart in a Window

Next project went in for Sew Hip last week - made the deadline, but it was close. I hope you appreciate this people, I actually cut into my Wildwood fabric - I LOVE this fabric and may have to purchase some more very soon - once I finish my fabric diet that is and seeing as I have no will power at all that could be quite soon.

We baked this weekend. DD and I decided, no I decided, we NEEDED to make Delia's Chocolate Log after watching it on telly last week. It was nice, but very rich - too rich for the kids really. There was some left - very unusual in our house that's for sure.

And finally, well it was a heart. A big heart that went into the shop window today and looks really nice, with full credit given to the designers of course. Anything that we make to go in the shop window goes on a list in the shop, so that if customers come in asking for information, we can just let them know where it came from. The pattern is from this book and it came together well. I can not get to grips with Blogger and how it loads pictures - I can never get it to load in the order that I want.

Anyway, this is a close up of the quilting. I started out just quilting in straight lines on the red strips, but I soon got bored with this and wanted something different. After watching a few videos from this lady I decided to push the boat out and try something different. I am telling you folks - Leah certainly makes it all look very easy, but she is right about practising. It all started out abit wonky and horrible stitches, but I was really getting into the swing of it by the end and there were some really nice shaped hearts coming out. It was strangely satisfying.

And a full view. I really should have cropped the curtains and TV cupboard out shouldn't I? Looks good though - great pattern and worth trying!!

On a more personal note - I am finally going to get my ears syringed out tomorrow and I can't wait. I have been practically deaf in my right ear for over two weeks now, with the left one coming and going when it feels like it. I now, truly, have full sympathy for anyone who has problems with their ears or deafness. I think the customers in the shop will be relieved too - I sent one lady down the shop directing her to the knitting needles, only for her to come back five minutes very confused as she had been looking for sewing needles!! Roll on tomorrow.


  1. Woo hoo you are on a roll! Like the heart quilt - quilting looks good. That Wildwood fabric is amazing though.

    Hope your ears are better soon ... "hears" a little joke to cheer you up!

    Two older women run into each other outside an exclusive department store. The first woman is carrying lots of packages and it’s clear she’s been shopping.

    Woman 1: I don't know why we haven’t seen you down the club lately. I ran into your doctor and he said he told you to diet and exercise.
    Woman 2: Really? I thought he said, “Buy it and accessorise!”

  2. Love your heart quilt! Very nice!!!