Monday, 18 January 2010

Dear Blogger

Dear Blogger,
It has been ??? weeks since my last blog - how many weeks??? Oh, my word. Well, okay Happy Christmas, hope you all had a good one, and Happy New Year all rolled into one. Right, that's that over and done with.

We had a wonderful Christmas, lots of nice food and people - great fun. It all seems a long time ago now, especially after all that snow and things. I am hoping that my children will all manage a full week of school this week - if they don't I might just swing for someone. It was lovely having them home due to the snow - but it all came a little too soon after Christmas for my liking! So bored with snow now!

Two quilts completed for Christmas presents. Both made with charm packs - love those pesky little charm packs!! The pink was one was completed in record time, nothing like putting yourself under pressure is there to get things completed. It was pieced, quilted and bound with a week - unheard of for me!

Both were gratefully received, well, I think they were anyway. The New Year is off to a flying start with magazine deadlines approaching and samples for classes to be made and suddenly there are not enough hours in the day - again!!!

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  1. Go go go Ems! Love them quilts too. The quilting shows up well on the brown border.